Festival Students

Parent Information

Students do not pay through their teacher. You can now register and pay online via Eventbrite. Have your teacher help you choose appropriate pieces and determine what level your child should register as.

If your teacher is registered you only need to pay the Solo and/or Ensemble Event fee. If your teacher is NOT registered you can still participate by including the $12 Participation fee.

Registration is open Oct. 15, 2018 - Dec. 15, 2018. A $10 late fee will automatically apply Dec. 16, 2018 - Jan. 31, 2019. Registration will close Jan. 31, 2018.

You may be asked to help Tabulate or Tune during your Child's session. See Instructions for Tabulators.

Instructions for Tabulator

Your child should bring the following to Festival:
-ORIGINAL MUSIC with measures numbered in the left margin.
-ONE Rating Record form and THREE Judging Sheets which are filled out in advance and secured with a paper clip, not  staples. All information (Entrant Number, Performance Time and Room) is e-mailed to teachers and posted on the website in February.

Festival Rules and Etiquette

-Students should be in Sunday best dress.
-Present the original music, rating form, and 3 judging sheets(filled out) to Tabulator
-Announce his/her name and titles and composers of pieces before playing.
-Bow upon completion of the performance; the audience is encouraged to applaud.
-Collect the original music from the judges at the end of the session.
-Bring a music stand if you are playing in a Duet or Ensemble; Label stands and ALL music.
-Video or still photography is not permitted during sessions.
-Turn off all cell phones during sessions.
-Plan to stay in the room throughout the duration of your child's session.
-Certificates of rating are presented upon the completion of each session.
-The student's teacher recieves the judges' rating sheet to discuss with the student.